In what grade did you join Pace?

Sixth grade

Why did you choose Pace?

I viewed Pace as a well-rounded school where I could try anything I wanted as far as academics, athletics and the arts.

What is your favorite thing about Pace?

My favorite thing about Pace is how you can do whatever you put your mind to. Coming to Pace in sixth grade, I quickly joined the cross-country team along with the wrestling team. The next year, I was on Student Council and played baseball. In my freshman year, I took painting, which was totally new to me. These are just some of the examples of how many opportunities there are at Pace.

How would you describe your teachers?

The teachers are one of the many reasons Pace is a special place. Every single teacher wants the students to succeed. Whenever the teacher is not teaching a class they are available for extra help. Students figure out quickly that they can go to their teachers and create great relationships, while learning a lot in the process. Once I learned I should see my teachers, my grades started to rise.

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