In what grade did you join Pace?

I joined Pace in ninth grade.

Why did you choose Pace?

I chose Pace because of the environment and the size. The campus is beautiful, and there are numerous places to study and get work done. I also loved how the students were able to create relationships with their teachers because of the small environment in which students can get one-on-one help if needed.

What activities are you involved in at Pace?

I am involved in softball, basketball, tennis and newspaper at Pace, as well as the Student Ambassador program.

Why should prospective students be interested in Pace?

Prospective students should be interested in Pace because of the friendly environment, strong academics and competitive sports programs. Pace is very welcoming to new students. In the Upper School, it is clear that new kids are easily integrated into the classes. Not only this, but the academics are challenging and help push each student to become their best selves. The sports teams are a great way to get involved and show your Pace spirit, whether you are competing or just cheering. When prospective students see this, they become very interested in what Pace has to offer.

How did you know that Pace was the right fit for you?

I knew Pace was the right fit for me during my tour. The classrooms we looked at seemed to be interactive and enjoyable. The school itself had so many places for students to study or hang out with friends, such as the library, study rooms and Inman Center. Also, the people at Pace were very kind during and after my tour. This made me feel very welcomed into the Pace community, and I knew Pace was the right fit for me.

How would you describe your teachers?

My teachers are very smart and challenge us to think and work very hard. Each teacher has their own individual way of teaching, and each style has worked for me in its own unique way. I feel as though I can go talk to any of them whenever I need help. The teachers at Pace are very approachable, and you can tell they want to help you succeed.

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