In what grade did you join Pace?


Why did you choose Pace?

We felt like a part of the family even though we were just visiting.

What activities are you involved in at Pace?

I have been a Student Ambassador since the eighth grade. I am a basketball cheerleader and football manager. I am taking AP Computer Science and am interested in the arts, particularly digital illustration and ceramics.

How has Pace prepared you for college?

I went on one of the college trips to California, where we visited six colleges in the span of a weekend. The trip not only allowed me to see colleges I hadn’t thought about before, but it also helped me emotionally prepare for this next step.

How would you describe your teachers?

I would describe my teachers as caring, energetic, and passionate towards their students and subjects. They always have high energy when it comes to their classes and love when you come in for extra help, or even just to visit.

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