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The Kam Memar Lower School

Conceived by tvsdesign and award-winning residential designer William T. Baker, the three-story, 36,500-square-foot Kam Memar Lower School opened in the fall of 2021 to ensure plenty of space for the division’s burgeoning programming and curricula needs. 

In the new spaces, our students, faculty and families are benefiting from countless improvements such as the following:

  • Science, STEAM and design-thinking classes have ample space and are equipped for 21st-century learning, while the growing music and strings programs have expansive, soundproof rooms. Other programs, such as Lower School robotics, are appropriately accommodated in the new spaces.
  • New Academic Resource Center (ARC) spaces accommodate growth in the ARC’s services and ensure all Pace students have access to needed academic support. 
  • School counseling enjoys expanded spaces, ensuring mental health and wellness is prioritized.
  • The World’s Greatest Playground provides children of all ages a magnificent outdoor space for joyful play.
  • A gym adjoining the playground offers indoor spaces for PE and play—benefiting mental and physical health, and ensuring play and exercise opportunities even in inclement weather.
  • A new cafeteria with a full commercial kitchen serves the division.
  • Faculty and staff enjoy well-designed and equipped classrooms and work spaces.
  • The new facilities—including the playground—are ADA-compliant and accommodate building occupants and visitors with physical limitations.
  • A 175-person function room offers a new space for class plays, parent gatherings and other meetings (for all school divisions), faculty professional development programming and more.
  • Underground stormwater detention vaults capture and store impervious surface runoff for flood control, a substantial benefit not only to the Pace campus, but to the surrounding community and the environment.