The school has paused all student travel, including grade-level overnight retreats, Lower School field trips and Isdell Center for Global Leadership study tours. We ask that families act as good global citizens and prioritize the health and safety of the Pace community when planning leisure time.

However, we understand that travel may be necessary. If traveling domestically, we ask that Pace families continue to follow Pace protocols while away, exercising good judgement and practicing healthy habits. Wear masks, social distance and wash your hands. Avoid parties and public gatherings, restaurants and groups larger than 10. 

If a student travels internationally at any point during the remainder of the school year, the student must take the virtual-learning option for 10 days following the trip, regardless of whether he or she has had a negative COVID test. Students quarantining may not participate in sports, arts or other in-person activities.

Attending school in person serves as an attestation that a family has followed our guidelines, is not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and has not come in contact with a COVID-positive individual or anyone exhibiting symptoms.

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