Parents Club

At Pace Academy, parents are vital to the personality and culture of our school. Pace thrives as a result of parental involvement, and our parents thrive because they’re involved. The Parents Club is not a club parents must join—all parents are automatically members.

As an army of volunteers, the Parents Club enhances every area of campus life and raises funds to enrich the school. There’s a place for every parent to use his or her talents.

The Parents Club looks for strong leaders, as well as those who are more comfortable following; individuals with artistic talent and those who love crunching numbers; parents who enjoy fundraising and those who would never ask for a dime. Whether it’s chairing the Fall Fair or the Auction, stuffing a mailing or helping out in the library, recognizing our amazing faculty and staff or caring for those in need, there is an important job waiting for every parent at Pace!  To learn more about volunteer opportunities or to get involved, please reach out to any of the officers or committee chairs listed below. Please check back for volunteer opportunity signups for the 2020-2021 school year.

Thanks to the generous support of our tireless parent donors and volunteers, as well as our event sponsors, each year the Parents Club funds meaningful programs for all Pace divisions and departments—funding that goes above and beyond Pace’s annual operating budget.

Parents Club funding supports the Citizens of the World Travel Grant program, which offers all students airfare for up to two Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL) study tours—one in Middle School and one in Upper School.

“Our family has taken advantage of the travel grants, affording our three daughters opportunities of a lifetime—allowing Carson to travel to Patagonia, Blair to South Africa and Ashley to Vietnam.”

- Kelly Myers, Pace Parent of Carson Myers ’17, Blair Myers ’19 and Ashley Myers ’21

To ensure Parents Club funds optimally enhance our students’ experiences, twice a year we invite teachers and division heads to submit requests for funding. As a result, the Parents Club learns about and funds a wide range of needs every year. Examples include:

  • New stage lighting in the Fine Arts Center and instrument storage lockers in the band room

  • Hundreds of new books and book series to allow our librarians to expeditiously revamp and update collections

  • State-of-the-art robotics equipment for RoboKnights of all ages

  • Kayaks and other aquatic equipment to enhance our PE classes

  • Additional 3D printers in every division, reducing student and teacher wait times

The Parents Club also makes contributions each year to support need-based student financial aid and faculty professional development.

Parents Club Board


Nicole King Allen

Vice President
Elenore Klingler

Kimberly Neville

Deanna Harris

Past President
Corey Hirokawa

Board Members

Affinity Programs (Box Tops, Amazon Smiles, Publix Partners)
Ashley Howell
Marissa Share

Assistant Treasurer
Terri Janki

Kimi Queguiner 
Kimberly Shapiro

Community of Change
Jeny Mathis

Family Engagement
Delece Brooks
Taylor Brown
Keith Evans
Courtenay Gabriel
Wande Okunoren-Meadows
Leigh Segall

Holiday Decorations
Julia Kaufman
Kim Rowe

LS Holiday Store
Ellen Laddin
Stephanie Nelson

LS Hospitality
Erin Heyman
Kim Nuckols
Ciara Irons

LS School Supplies
Amber Almond
Marisa Chin Yee

Board Members

MS/US Hospitality
Anne Barnette
Cara Lubin
Sonya Marr

Neighborhood Outreach
Jane Hight

Pace Cares
Barbara Hingst
Sneha Desai
Sarah Lynch

Pace L.E.A.D.
Jennifer Foster
Kathryn Adams

Parenting Connection
Ripple Alkire
Alex Karamanolis

Snack Bar Coordinator
Debbie Heineman

Staff Appreciation
Allison Davis
Kristi Highsmith
Laura Karetsos
Ann Nagle

Diane Saini

US Friends of the Library
Margaret Warren

Volunteer Coordinator 
Jennifer Hayes

Please sign in to MYPACE to access Parents Club volunteer opportunities. 

“Parents Club funding has allowed us to replenish parts of the collection that have been well-loved and had started looking a bit bedraggled. Most recently, funding has been used to replace outdated books about the 50 states, tattered biographies of all the presidents and worn titles about various sports teams. Thanks to the Parents Club, Pace readers are eager to do their research and pleasure reading with these new and updated books on the shelves!”

 - Catherine Lampley, Lower School Librarian