Pace Auction Sponsors

Title - $40,000+


Presenting - $25,000+

Platinum- $10,000+

Gold - $5,000+

Silver - $2,500+

Meg and Jeff Arnold
Andrea and Chip Miller
Whitney and Ryan Paulowsky
Mindi and Pete Shelton
Elizabeth and Boynton Smith
Laura and Jimmy Trimble

Bronze - $1,500+

Nicole and Russ Allen '93
Karina Khouri Belinfante '95 and Josh Belinfante '95
The Borenstein Family
Joelle and Tim Fox
Ashley and Grier Campbell
The Hayes Family
The Hirokawa Family
The Hobbs Family
Stephanie and Austin McDonald
The Proctor Family
The Swann Family
Stephanie and Patrick Warren
The York Family

Knights - $500+

The Alden Family
Lisa and Dan Brooks
Elizabeth Dangar Cleveland '92 and David Cleveland
The Dempsey Family
The Hardesty Family
The Hight Family 
The Mallis Family
The Nuckols Family
The Prout Family
Tiffany and Rob Walton

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