Tax Credit

YOUR Tax Credit: A BIG Impact to Students

At Pace, the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program makes an extraordinary impact to our student body—providing financial aid for highly qualified students with financial need.

Through the program, state residents, S- and C-corporations, LLCs, partnerships and trusts can redirect a portion of their Georgia tax liability to a Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) in support of financial aid at independent schools of their choice.

When you participate, you receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit to your state income tax bill as well as a charitable giving deduction for federal income tax purposes.

Tax Credit Limits
  • $2,500 married filing jointly
  • $1,250 married filing separately
  • $1,000 single individual
  • $10,000 S-Corp/LLC/Partnership
  • 75 percent C-Corp's or Trust's total Georgia tax liability
Participation is Fast and Easy—here’s how:

Pace Academy partners with Apogee Scholarship Fund, a state-approved SSO. You apply to support Pace through Apogee.

Paperless – apply online.

  1. Click here to complete the electronic form.
  2. No signature is required.

Printed form – apply by mail, fax or email.

  1. Click here to print the form.
  2. Mail, fax or email the completed form to Apogee at:

Apogee Scholarship Fund
3330 Cumberland Blvd, Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30339
Fax: 404-419-7101

Apogee stays in touch with you throughout the process, notifies you by email (or letter if an email address is not provided) when your application is approved and provides payment details. To finalize your participation, Apogee must receive payment from you within 60 days of state approval.

Please visit the Apogee Scholarship Fund website for more information.

Participation in the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program is NOT a charitable donation to Pace Academy; rather it’s a redirection of tax liability already owed to the state of Georgia. We hope you will also contribute to uknight: The Pace Fund, each year, to help Pace fund other important educational priorities.

About Financial Aid

Tax credit funds are an important part of Pace Academy's overall financial aid resources, and restricted to students starting at Pace in Pre-First or first grades or matriculating to Pace from public schools in any grade. Funds are assigned based on a family’s demonstrated financial need.

Parents or guardians interested in applying for financial aid should contact Pace Academy's financial aid office at 404-240-7414. Visit the Pace Academy Tuition & Financial Aid page.

For more information about the Georgia Tax Credit Program, go to the Georgia Department of Education website.

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Tax Credit FAQs

What is the Georgia Private School Tax Credit?

In 2008, the Georgia General Assembly passed into law the creation of Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs) and set aside $50 million or more annually in tax credits to be redirected to an independent school of a taxpayer’s choice and to be used for need-based financial aid. These tax credits are available to anyone in Georgia with state tax liability.

How can these tax credits benefit Pace Academy and me?

You can redirect a portion of your Georgia income tax liability to provide need-based financial aid to qualified students who wish to attend an independent school and are entering Pre-First or transferring from a public school at any grade. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state income taxes and a charitable deduction on your federal income taxes. The maximum limits are $1,000 for individual filers; $2,500 for married filing jointly; $1,250 for married filing separately; $10,000 for pass-through income received from an LLC, S-Corp or Partnership; and 75 percent of state tax liability for Corporations or Trusts.

How does it work?

Pace has partnered with Apogee Scholarship Fund, a state-approved Student Scholarship Organization (SSO), to help administer this program. By making a donation to Apogee, your Georgia state taxes are reduced by the same amount as your donation. You receive a tax credit statement to include when you file your state income taxes. You also receive a charitable deduction on your federal income taxes. Apogee in turn gives your tax credits to Pace Academy to be used for financial aid.

How do tax credit funds help the financial aid program at Pace?

Tax credit dollars are earmarked for students accepted to Pace in Pre-First or transferring from public schools at any grade. These families must demonstrate financial need and must apply for financial assistance through Pace’s Office of Financial Aid. Pace does not award merit-based scholarships. All financial assistance is need-based and must be applied for annually. Tax credit dollars are allocated for the duration of a student’s enrollment at Pace, assuming there is demonstrated need each year.

How many Pace students have received tax credit funds?

Since 2009, Pace has awarded financial aid using tax credit funds to 106 outstanding and deserving students across all divisions - Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. Our tax credit budget has steadily grown to allow us to support more students each year. These students are thriving in all areas of Pace student life including the arts, athletics, service and school leadership.

Does my participation in the Georgia Private School Tax Credit program count as a charitable deduction?

Participation is a redirection of your state tax dollars and is not considered a charitable gift to Pace. However, Pace recognizes tax credit participation in the school’s annual report. We hope you will continue to support The Pace Fund to help the school meet its other annual operating needs.